Totally Immersed TV | S2 Ep15 | Flinders Trip ’23 | Somers Yacht Club

Welcome to Somers Yacht Club, home of Totally Immersed TV’s very own Emily, Matilda and the Abis! Located on the shores of Westernport Bay, Somers Yacht Club is a family friendly sailing club that is home to an array of sailing craft, but most importantly, Hobie Cats!

Lead by the intrepid Morris Clan, the mariners from Somers sailed 30km from their home club to Flinders, situated the south-western shores of Westernport Bay. With an evening of fun and games, along with a breakfast for champions, it was a trip that the Youth Clan will remember for years to come.

All we can hope for here at Totally Immersed TV is that we’ll see more of this action in the 23-24 sailing season!