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2024 Victorian State Championships – Anglesea Motor Yacht Club

The HCAV look forward to welcoming you to the Anglesea Motor Yacht Club in March 2024 for our State Championships!

Held over the Labour Day long weekend, 9-11 March, the Vic States are shaping up to be exciting in every sense of the word.

Anglesea Motor Yacht Club, or AMYC (which we assure sailors, that despite the name has nothing to do with stink boats) have recently upgraded their digs, with all new facilities downstairs for the on-water stuff, and an impressive bar and kitchen area with the best view in town. It’s a very impressive building the whole AMYC have put a mammoth effort into realising. Spectators will be able to enjoy a cold one on the balcony, with a perfect view of the race area. But try to look busy, or you might find yourself babysitting the President’s new baby boy, who will be around three months old at this regatta!

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Sailing in Anglesea happens from the beach of Point Roadknight, a stunning area steeped in Hobie history. Those wanting quiet, gentle, consistent flat water: we suggest you check out the aforementioned shiny new bar, and stick to lakes! The waters of Point Roadknight are FUN! Depending on wind and swell direction and strength, you may find yourself testing just how well Hobies live up to the name “surf cat.” The point, when it’s working, has a great fun break, there’s often a shorey needing skippers to pick their set timing, a couple of reefs to be wary of at low tide, and of course the wide open waters of Bass Strait awaiting you all!

As for what’s in store over the weekend, well Geoff ‘Rowdy’ Rowdon is on beach games again, so start practicing your handstands and sand sprints… actually, who knows what he’s got planned? All that’s promised is chaos. And maybe some questionable welding. Anglesea is also home to some pretty impressive Hobie royalty, and one in particular, inducted into the Hobie Legends hall of fame over 5 years ago: Jack Droomer! This young man taught the current Victorian President how to sail Hobies on the hallowed waters of Roadknight, and to put it simply, you’re not a true Hobie blood unless you’ve got a Jack story that is not fit for consumption by little ears.

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The Labour Day long weekend is a busy time along the Surf Coast, so start scoping out your accommodation options. There’s likely to be a couple of 14s and 16s available for charter, so get in touch with the Vic committee if you’re chasing a boat. We’ll do whatever we can to get you on the water! Can’t wait to see you all there.